The Coffee Co

A Little History

Yemen may be the original home of coffee but it is a well kept secret even though they have been consuming it since the 15th century. The port of Mocha in Yemen first exported coffee to the world as far back as the 16th century sending to places like Persia, Egypt, Syria and Turkey, and gradually expanded to as many as 70 countries. Arabica is the name now used to describe Yemeni coffee and it is known for its unique taste and high quality that distinguishes it from other coffee grown around the world. As well as coffee, Yemen has an interesting heritage, beautiful scenery and mild climate. This has all changed since the start of an ongoing civil war which has adversely affected the cultivation of coffee and many things within the country. We don’t just want to be another cafe. We are a business where we respect and work with our suppliers. We can drink delicious coffee and also support and invest in the farmers and the country. Our coffee beans are organic and roasted onsite.